Güray Hatipoğlu, M. Sc.


The following list of writings are published in other places than my blogs or websites.

Academic Writings:

Utility of PCA and Other Data Transformation Techniques in Exoplanet Research [arXiv, 2022 November]
Modeling irrigation with nitrate contaminated groundwater [PAJES, 26  (3), 2020]
Modeling the effects of irrigation by contaminated groundwater [METU M.Sc. Thesis, 2018]

Popular Science and General:

Multi-phase Extraction Report - Chapter 3 - Site Characteristics, Contaminants, and Laboratory Investigation [2022, IMPEL - EU]
The Integration of Ecological Forecasts into Environmental Policy [2021 June, Ecological Forecasting Initiative]
My story of undergraduate years and how it helped me to like and achieve interdisciplinary research skills
 [2020, UndergradIntheLab]
Are you among the people who we could not make rational yet? [in Turkish] [2020 March, Bilim & Teknik TÜBİTAK]


My codes with their explanations can be reached from my GitHub account torna4o: