I have just discovered this activity. There is a group in METU which wants to be an official student group of the university in these days. I happened to pass by this group and learn that they regularly go ice-skating thrice a week (at least). As I was looking for a new hobby, I gave it a shot.

The result was simply incredible. Of course, when I get to the stage I could not do a thing in the 1st minute, but after some quick introduction from fellow members of the aforementioned student group, I quickly picked up a pace and with each sway of my feet and arms I became better quickly. I like the speed, I like the balance, I like to mind others in the stage, I like to learn new moves and things and I like cold. It is only natural for me to get this hobby immediately after a short trial. It is such a refreshing activity that in the following night I ceaselessly ice-skated in my dream

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