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Throughout my undergraduate and graduate years, as well as work experiences, I obtained a diverse set of skills which can be useful in many different areas.

1-] Satellite remote sensing

There is a mind-blowing number of satellite image data coming from different institutions and countries. A significant part of them were made public, not only from their own repository but also via platforms like Google Earth Engine. I am currently using multispectral satellite images to obtain information and generate insights regarding water pollution. But I am also able to use them on broader scale, such as terrestrial change, object detection purposes. The satellites I am most familiar have been performing since as early as 1984 (Landsat 5 TM, Landsat 8 OLI, Sentinel-1 SAR, Sentinel-2 MSI, Sentinel-3 OLCI, MODIS Terra, MODIS Aqua, PlanetScope, VIIRS). After obtaining these images, I can apply different analysis, regression, and classification techniques. 

Related background

- Use of Solar Induced Fluorescence and LIDAR to Assess Vegetation Change and Vulnerability – NASA ARSET Training - 2021 / 03
- WEkEO Webinar n.5: Crop mapping using Copernicus Sentinel data - Certificate - 2021 / 03
- Digital Image Analysis - Graduate Course in METU - 2019 / 06

Other supporting activities

- Knowledge, Discovery, and Mining - Graduate Course in METU - 2020 / 07
- Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Multiple Data Types - Certificate, NVIDIA DLI - 2020 / 02
- Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Computer Vision - Certificate, NVIDIA DLI - 2020 / 02
- Machine Learning - Graduate Course in METU - 2019 / 06

2-] Retrieving and analyzing spatial data

For environmental issues, and other relevant subjects as well, I can find/retrieve and suggest already open datasets, and point and demand the unavailable ones. As a last resort, a correlation between a proxy and available variable might be found/established for other regions of the world, and I can make use of that as well given that the accuracy requirement is met.

Related output

My blogs about contemporary environmental issues

3-] Reviewing and reporting of literature, legislation, statistics, and other data

In all of the projects I was involved there were reporting and reviewing tasks, which permitted me to aquire relevant experience and know-how in this area. I also constantly improve my general writing and English language skills (with currently 7.5 IELTS score and TESOL English Teacher certificate). I am very familiar with the structure of Turkish and European legislation, scientific research articles, review articles, and many open access databases. The results of these skills are the perfect assistants for decision making tasks.

Related previous projects


- Short Term Expert, POPs Legacy Elimination and POPs Release Reduction Project 2020 / 02 – 2020 / 10

- Project Assistant, Constructing Integrated Ecosystem Modeling Based Decision Support System for the Management of Manyas Lake Basin 2019 / 03 – 2020 / 10

Project Assistant, Preparation of Sludge Management Plan and Action Plan in Turkey 2016 / 10 – 2019 / 03


4-] Translation services ENG => TUR, TUR => ENG, and copy-editing in both languages

With main focus on chemistry and environmental science, I have years of experience in translating documents from natural science, engineering, psychology, architecture, city & regional planning, geography and remote sensing fields. 

Related experience

-  Certified Peer Reviewer Course, Elsevier Researcher Academy Course Certificate 2021 / 04

- Freelance Translator, Translation and editing of academic publications, Kalite Akademik Tercüme 2018 / 01 to now