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You can reach my academic resume from March 04, 2021 in the following link.

My Resume

My major was in chemistry. One should understand many different branches of chemistry in order to be able to comprehend the big picture.

However, in the end, specialization is required, such as working mostly on analytical chemistry, or organic chemistry etc. This was, somewhat distant to my research "dreams" at that time, and even in my sophomore year, I started work in different department's research groups and also took technical courses outside of chemistry as well. With time, an array of topics sounded interesting to me, in which I can illustrate with the following image.

Of course, in the center of my interest there has been always the chemistry, as I criticize the research from that region far easier. Gradually I took other courses and studied them, and found interesting areas there as well. An example is the emergence of my master thesis topic, modeling the irrigation by contaminated groundwater. I was directly interested in chemical contamination, which contains Chemistry and Environmental Science. Then, the contamination in the groundwater looked more persistent and hard to clean than surface water bodies and I started to study them as well. This required both Geology and Engineering methods, such as numerical modeling (finite difference, finite element method etc.). After that, I asked the question, where this should be more important? The answer was agricultural pollution, mostly nitrate. The nitrate mismanagement results in a considerable fraction of the global warming and economic loss at the same time, not to mention the eutrophication probability or contamination of the drinking water sources. Lastly, dealing with agricultural pollution also required to know the agriculture itself. Agriculture is a highly interdisciplinary field, too. The requirement of learning water resources system also came in this time more clearly, as the agriculture was impacted extremely over climate, precipitation, available water resources and at the same time it also affects them. This state of agriculture intrigues me, it is very hard to deal and requires many things, collaborations, new perspectives, and precision. That's why at the moment I am mostly interested in agricultural water/fertilizer management.