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My major was in chemistry. One should understand many different branches of chemistry in order to be able to comprehend the big picture.

Figure. A very simple hydrogen atom, or a hot jupiter revolving arount a red dwarf, whichever you prefer

I have done a wide variety of jobs ranging from wet chemistry laboratory topics to in silico models to satellite remote sensing analysis. They are strongly or loosely related to the chemistry, but that did not impact my performance or motivation. I am always interested in subjects where you need to work rigorously and spare attention to the detail. Additionally, high-level intelligence requirement is what makes a job/position attractive to me. Lastly, a job that furthers the science/tech of the humanity means a lot to me. It is, certainly, most valuable, as like everything else I will also perish at some point in time, yet the legacy of us humans might have a chance to create more impact in future, permit the development of even better, cheaper, more environmentally sound, socially acceptable technology. This will aid in the establishment of a better world

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