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I am Güray Hatipoğlu, Chemistry (B.Sc.) and Earth System Science (M.Sc.) alumnus of Middle East Technical University (METU) in Turkey

I am a Ph. D. candidate in Earth System Science department of METU. Earth System Science is an interdisciplinary program, where we are doing research on critical environmental problems with a holistic approach, considering all dimensions as atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and anthroposphere.

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Take agriculture as an example. Anthroposphere is significant, as humanity's demand for certain crops will be decisive on what is sown. Hydrosphere is important as it will govern the type/amount/frequency of the irrigation in a certain region. The lithosphere is critical, with its both mineral/nutrient ingredient and water holding capacity. The biosphere is also important since they are effective on soil's nutrient/mineral content, root growth of the crops, and positively or negatively affects crop growth through pests or their predators. Lastly, the atmosphere is quite a significant factor, precipitation, temperature, sunlight and consequent photosynthesis, nutrient deposition, erosion, and many other processes are related to the atmospheric dynamics. In short, if one tries to solve a problem related to agriculture, overlooking one of these dimensions will undermine the entire effort.

I have done my master on irrigation by contaminated groundwater. After all, what we have as an environmental problem is actually the result of our ignorance. With good management, even contamination can be as good as a commodity. As a result, I keep learning the dimensions of our earth, and modeling tools to effectively simulate it with its every component. Through these knowledge and tools, I am aiming to solve environmental problems, especially related to the water and hazardous chemicals.

Additionally, I am also interested in examining exoplanets' atmospheric composition. Most part of these studies involves tools and techniques I have been using for years, and looking at the forefront of our understanding and exhilarating possibilities for unprecedented discoveries are charming.

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